We do Listen
Good technical support means we listen to users, implement suggestions and keep improving our products.

Hardware supplies
Bluewave as a hardware partner can provide the computers and network supplies to setup or expand your practice.




Each of our products come with a free six month technical support which include the following :
  1- Free technical support phone calls from 10am to 5pm or remote session using GoToMeeting
  2- Free software updates downloads anytime during that period.

This service can be renewed on a yearly basis, check relevant software page for pricing.
If your technical support has expired and you do not wish to renew it, you can still call us but charges apply.

On-line support: Using GoToMeeting remote session, we can solve your problems by viewing your screen and optionally moving your mouse & keyboard. We can also provide training for operators that way.

The concept is simple: you give us a call and we send you an email with a link.
Clicking on the link initiates the remote session. More than one person can watch the session for training purposes if required.

To contact us, send e-mail to

      Tel  (02) 9345-0771,     Intl (+612) 9345-0771